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Seven dietitian tested products for a healthy body inside and out

As the new year approaches, you may be starting to think about how you can improve your health by adding some new routines to your week. And I'm not talking about weight management routines, but about the health of your skin, keeping your house healthy, and maintaining energy and nutrient levels throughout the day. Read below to learn about seven dietitian-tested products that you can add to your routine today to help your body and home become a little bit healthier and refreshed.

Clean Well Wipes

With cold and flu season among us, not to mention an ongoing pandemic, many of us are likely trying to keep our homes a bit cleaner than perhaps we may have used to. If this is the case, then these botanical lemon-scented disinfecting wipes by Clean Well are for you. The potent botanical fragrance as you open the bin of wipes just smells clean and makes everything you clean with them fresh and 99.9% household germ-free. This plant-derived antibacterial wipe is a must-have to clean kitchens, bathrooms, stainless steel, and children's furniture and toys alike. Clean Well also offers disinfectant sprays for everyday cleaning in lemon scent as well as a bathroom cleaner option in a citrus scent.

Carbonaut Bread

If you love bread but are trying to reduce your carbohydrate intake, then Carbonaut bread will be a perfect fit for you. This low-carbohydrate bread product comes in gluten-free, seeded, unseeded, and cinnamon raisin. The seeded white bread option contains 6 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein per 80-calorie slice, which makes it nutrient-dense and gut-friendly. The taste of the bread is similar to homemade whole grain bread and its fiber-rich content keeps you satisfied much longer than other sandwich bread. This company also offers pizza crust, hamburger, and hot dog rolls, and will soon offer bagel options.

Boost Oxygen

Whether you're on a hike in the hills or mountains, or just seeking some natural energy, then Boost Oxygen can help. Providing canned oxygen products since 2007, Boost Oxygen offers natural, peppermint, pink grapefruit, rosemary oil, and menthol-eucalyptus options to enhance your oxygen boosting experience. This product can be especially helpful to those who are athletes that need aid in recovery and performance, for older adults who have an active lifestyle, for people at high-altitudes for altitude acclimation, and for those experiencing poor air quality.

Yumi Gummy Vitamins

If you want to start taking your vitamins every day, but don't like to swallow pills or are looking to avoid sugary and artificial-flavor-containing gummy vitamins, then Yumi has the answer for you. These all-natural gummy multivitamins are geared to please even the youngest of palates with their black currant flavor profile. This USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, and artificial-free product contains 25% of the daily recommended value of 10 nutrients and a good source of many others. This company also offers vitamins made just for kids and toddlers too.

ZOA Energy Drinks

If you need an extra energy boost, but are concerned about artificial flavors and additives, then ZOA energy drinks could be a beneficial addition to your daily routine. This energy drink contains 160 milligrams of natural caffeine and comes in delicious flavors like Wild Orange, Lemon Lime, Pineapple Coconut, and Super Berry, or you can choose Original flavor of which the latter in my opinion tastes similar to a popular energy drink with wings (and that's a good thing because I enjoy the taste of that particular drink). The energy in this drink comes from rich amounts of vitamin C, B vitamins, and green tea extract, along with other natural caffeine compounds as well as camu camu extract and turmeric extract. The drinks come in both zero sugar and 100-calorie forms.

Spa Technologies Products

Take care of your body on the outside with Spa Technologies' line of bath products. Laminaria algae powder is added to nutrient-rich bath salts to help refresh skin and improve circulation. Meanwhile, lime, lemongrass, and spearmint, along with fine pumice creates a luxurious seaweed exfoliating body wash to make your bath time a spa experience. Other products in this Serenity Bath Kit include hydrating Laminaria Oil that helps restore moisture to your skin by applying it after bath time or adding it directly to your bath water. Finally, there is the Arnica Sports Gel that you can apply to sore muscles after bathing to help reduce aches and pains.

First Aid Kit

If you're planning any road trips on hiking adventures in the near future, you should be sure to have a Chinook Pak on hand. This is not your typical first aid kit full of bandages and gauze. This first aid kit contains:

(1) Pulse Oximeter (to check oxygen levels)

(1) Boost Oxygen®

(1) Penlight (to assess pupil response)

(1) Permanent Marker

(1) Pair Gloves

(1) Flat Duct Tape

(4) Diphenhydramine (antihistamine for allergies)

(1) Aspirin (chewable)

(1) Glucose SOS® (instant dissolve powder for low blood glucose episodes)

This kit is designed to help provide basic first aid equipment for those that have pre-existing conditions, such as serious allergies, asthma, diabetes or heart condition. It also is lightweight, can be attached to a belt for easy carrying, and contains a bit of extra room for any additional medications you may need to travel with. You can buy additional supplies on the Chinook Med site such as thermometers, wound dressings, airway adaptors, catheters, and a plethora of other medical gear that you can add if you decide you want to expand your medical kit.


You deserve to live the healthiest life possible, and you can help create that life just by making small changes in your daily routine. You can use any of the above products to help you make some changes that can put you on track to a healthier you. Upcoming blog posts will address other ways you can add other methods of self-care into your routine as well as how you can learn to improve your relationship with your body and with food in the new year.

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